• Unique services brokerage for satellite and terrestrial telecoms, delivering local expertise in more than 140 countries
  • Field engineering, licensing, importation of goods, and sustainable power services also available

COMMUNICASIA, Singapore, 27 June 2018 — Developing Infrastructure, the go-to consulting group for technical and business support on satellite and terrestrial services throughout the developing world, will introduce their new telecommunications service brokerage, Your WorldWide Connection, at the CommunicAsia conference in Singapore. They can be found on stand 1H3-08.

Your WorldWide Connection takes requirements from communications providers and matches them to local and international service providers, giving Developing Infrastructure’s partners the ability to choose from a number of potential suppliers. Service options include satellite, terrestrial microwave, fibre optic, and mobile data connections in more than 140 countries. Throughout the process, specialist consultants from Developing Infrastructure help define requirements and provide support services as necessary, such as licensing, market entry, importation of equipment, and field engineering.

‘Companies looking to provide connectivity services outside their comfort zone face a lot of challenges,’ said Onno Beemsterboer, Managing Consultant of Developing Infrastructure. ‘Our job is to help them overcome those challenges by putting them in touch with the people who can most effectively — and cost-efficiently — provide them the service they require. Most importantly, we’re not providing the services ourselves and we do not compete with our customers for the business of end-users; we’re facilitators connecting the right people to make the right solution happen.’

Developing Infrastructure also helps telecommunications network operators achieve a level of services standardisation by offering standardised monitoring, billing, and other mission-critical, but often overlooked, technical enhancements to their existing offerings. Consultants also can advise telecoms operators on market pricing, go-to-market strategy, choosing and sourcing equipment, and the design and implementation of services.

‘There are a lot of good folks out there offering rock-solid services, but most don’t have an integrated system,’ said Travis Mooney, Principal Consultant of Developing Infrastructure. ‘For example, there are thousands of iDirect hubs out there, but only a handful of providers have any sort of integrated billing or monitoring package for their customers, and most of those are heavily customised. We work with telecoms operators to make sure the entire business — from pricing and technical design all the way to end-user experience — is as seamless as possible. From international satellite operator to local wireless ISP, there’s always a solution that fits, reduces support and administrative costs, and delivers a better customer service experience to the end user.’

About Developing Infrastructure
Developing Infrastructure is a group of professional consultants focused on telecommunications and other infrastructure services in the developing world. With decades of experience in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, the team has deep roots in both satellite and terrestrial telecoms, and a network of local partners offering a presence in more than 140 countries.

Looking to Join the Team?
Developing Infrastructure is always on the lookout for the right kind of consultant to join our merry band of pirates. Joining Developing Infrastructure gives access to a wide range of solutions, materials, support, and information. Consultants should already have their own customer base, but be interested in growing beyond their current borders and working with a team for the benefit of all. We are especially interested in senior-level consultants with experience in Asia or Latin America.

Always Your Partner — Never Your Competitor
A guiding rule of Developing Infrastructure is that we do not compete with our customers — Service Providers or Telecoms Operators. We facilitate business with a spirit of mutual respect and understanding, and are not in business for short-term gains.

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